BACCANO, “Baccanum” from the Latin, “clamor” of a crossroad, Crossroad of the Taste in the center of Rome.

Here is the term that defines to the best the strategic positioning of the location and the Here’s the word that best defines the positioning of the strategic location and the will to make it a meeting point, welcoming, cosmopolitan, lively and above all international.

Beautifully located in a building of the ‘800, the restaurant appears bright and airy and overlooks the picturesque Muratte Street, a few steps from the beautiful Trevi Fountain; Baccano is the true Mediterranean Bistrot of the capital. Taking inspiration from the best International examples, Baccano combines the intriguing reminiscent aspect of the Parisian atmosphere in the early 20th century, with the metropolitan contemporary style of a New York restaurant.

Baccano fascinates you with its extremely charming vintage touch and its authentic traditional Mediterranean cuisine strongly inspired by tradition. But the real soul of Baccano is the tradition of Italian cuisine with homemade pastas, Oil of first choice, knife chopped Fassona beef from Piedmont, quality Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella cheese  to name a few, without skipping  the products of the Deli Counter that offers Italian  Hams,  Salami and Cheeses of quality without sacrificing  foreign products such as Scottish Salmon Lock Fine and Foie Gras or Oysters.

Baccano is the new location ready to welcome you. Different styles, tastes and trends.  An ideal meeting place for everybody, open 7 days a week, from early in the morning to late at night.. Let yourself be conquered by Baccano’s unique atmosphere.

Baccano welcomes you at any time of the day, the kitchen closes at midnight thirty and the Deli Counter at one thirty in the morning.   Let yourself be seduced by the atmosphere, you might think you have stepped back in time: plasters, mosaics and dark wood, ancient fans to the ceiling; warm and winding illumination. Baccano welcomes you at  any time of the day .