Brunch in Rome: Saturdays and Sundays at Baccano.

24 April 2015

In the heart of Rome, just a short walk from the Trevi Fountain, Baccano is the Mediterranean bistro where you’ll find a real Brunch with a gastronomic offer able to please the most discerning palate.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, Baccano serves a traditional English Brunch: no Buffet, only Menu à la Carte which offers both the restaurant’s main dishes and dishes created specifically for a weekend Brunch.

Raw fish, oysters, pasta dishes, salads and many more Italian and international specialties to accompany a cappuccino, a glass of wine or champagne, a craft beer or one of the cocktails prepared by Baccanoteca Barlady, Valeria Bassetti.

Our Gastronomy Counter

The Baccano Brunch Menu offers a selection of products from the Gastronomy Counter: selected Italian meats, Pata Negra ham, Italian and French cheeses and a delicatessen that you won’t find easily elsewhere.

Bologna with truffle, Burrata di Andria, goose Foie gras, anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea and much more: Baccano’s Gastronomy Counter offers the aromas and flavors of Italian and international gastronomic excellence.

sunday brunch in the center of rome at baccano

Traditional Brunch Dishes

Exclusively for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday, you can order typical international brunch dishes from our Menu such as chicken or salmon club sandwich, fried eggs with bacon or sausage – accompanied by many tasty proposals for a delectable break in the center of Rome: a wide variety of salads, grand beef burger and small specialties like fried anchovies, smoked goose breast or eggplant timbale. And much more.

Buffalo Mozzarella from Paestum

The excellence of Italian buffalo mozzarella is offered with many accompaniments: you can order it with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea – Nardin, with Loch Fyne smoked salmon, with “Ghirardi onesto”  ham aged 30 months or Sicilian fillet of tuna in olive oil.


But if you want to stay light there’s also a wide selection of salads on our menu:

  • Chicken Caesar salad with roman lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken
  • Octopus salad with saffron potatoes and crunchy celery
  • Fresh seared tuna salad with sesame and lettuce and fresh green beans
  • Shrimp and ginger salad with valerian, asparagus, mango and pink pepper
  • Salmon and dill salad with fennel and citrus

brunch in central rome at baccano

Our Cuisine

Let yourselves be tempted by the vast selection of dishes prepared by our Chef: fresh homemade pastas, soups and meat or fish second courses. Many of our loyal Brunch customers associate the weekend with homemade spaghetti ‘alla chitarra’ made with organic tomatoes “Il Paglione” or try the veal ‘ossobuco’ (shank) with vegetable cream and thyme. Many of our foreign customers fall in love with Rome after tasting homemade ‘tonnarello cacio e pepe’ (cheese and pepper pasta) with pecorino cheese from Fara Sabina and Sarawak pepper or our traditional lasagna with ragu meat sauce and mozzarella Fassona. Whatever the dish may be, tradition and quality are at their best.

brunch baccano central rome

Raw Fish and Oysters

Lovers of raw fish and oysters will be delighted to know we have a wide selection of fresh fish: sea truffles and sea urchins, raw fish carpaccio (thinly sliced), prawns and a selection of 10 oysters sampling, selected by the biggest oyster producers from around the world.

Our Sweets

Those of you with a sweet tooth will be spoiled for choice: croissants, chocolate fudge cake, cheesecake with wild berries, crispy semifreddo with caramel and Crème Brûlée with pistachios from Bronte are just some of the delicious desserts to end your Brunch meal at Baccano!

Cafe and Bar

To accompany our Menu dishes we offer 31 types of wines by the glass or you can choose among the 300 selected labels in our Wine list, created especially by our Manager Fabio Casamassima. And of course we have Italian and French bubbly wine, and craft beers for aficionados.

Of course, you can choose to accompany your Brunch with typical Italian and international breakfast beverages: coffee, cappuccino, a selection of teas and hot chocolate, fresh juices and organic fruit juices.

cafe Baccano Rome Center

In Central Rome, Your Brunch is at Baccano’s!

Satisfy your palate with an original and refined gastronomic proposal; choose Baccano’s brunch à la carte.

And if you like getting up late on weekends, don’t worry: Baccano will be waiting for you for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays until 4 p.m.!

Chiama il N. 06 69941166 o Compila il Modulo!

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