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Brunch in Rome: Saturdays and Sundays at Baccano.

24 April 2015

In the heart of Rome, just a short walk from the Trevi Fountain, Baccano is the Mediterranean bistro where you’ll find a real Brunch with a gastronomic offer able to please the most discerning palate. From 11 a.m. to 4…

An English Breakfast in Rome? At the Baccano restaurant, obviously!

21 April 2015

Baccano is the meeting point between the Mediterranean bistro and the best international food experiences. Even at breakfast. Along with your typical Italian breakfast, Baccano offers an English Breakfast in Rome, every day from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.. The…

A Gourmet Aperitif in the centre of Rome.

4 March 2015

Baccano launches the Gourmet Aperitif: a trio of tasters that give you a preview of the flavours of the Baccano Menu. The ideal fragrances and flavours to accompany an aperitif from the Baccano evening menu. Let’s discover it together.

Baccano brings Gillardeau oysters to Rome

4 March 2015

An oyster celebrated throughout the world by Chefs and connoisseurs alike, that never fails to impress with its perfect combination of salty and sweetness and that lingering almond aftertaste…

Cocktail Bar in Rome: it all starts with Baccano.

4 March 2015

Cocktail Bar? Baccano! The world of cocktails has never been more vibrant than it is today in the Italian capital. There are a great many venues in Rome, each with its own selection of cocktails, from the most traditional to…

Oysters in Rome: Baccano Bar à Huîtres

4 March 2015

Baccano means oysters. And not only that: Baccano means a permanent selection of ten oysters, one of the widest choices in Rome. Put simply, Baccano means Bar à Huîtres… with that something extra: The chance to sample 10 different oysters…

Baccano Wine List: a journey through 300 different names.

3 March 2015

Every bottle has a story to tell about the land from which it comes and about the journey it has made. This is the Baccano wine list: the result of bringing together these stories, experienced and told by Fabio Casamassima,…

Baccano Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Rome Centre

5 January 2015

Baccano is the true mediterranean bistrot of the Capital, just few steps from the Trevi Fountain. Baccano offers you a selection of the best raw seafood and fish dishes: venus clams and sea urchins, scampi, cuttlefish and the most-requested varieties of prawns,…