At the very heart of Rome, located in the historic via delle Muratte between Fontana di Trevi and via del Corso, Baccano is the most authentic Mediterranean bistrot of the Capital.

Mixing the best international experiences, with an intriguing allure recalling an early century Paris and a contemporary New York metropolitan mood, Baccano is here to host you: fascinating and retro, cosmopolitan and international, open to new encounters and influences.

Different styles, tastes and trends meet here: a lounge where everyone can feel an international atmosphere, open every day from lunch until late night.


The freshest fish catch of the Capital and the best selection of oysters from France, Italy and Northern Europe can be found here.

An authentic bar à huitres will excite even the most demanding palate. The only thing left to choose is an excellent glass of champagne!


Leading the kitchen of Baccano is executive chef Nabil Hadj Hassen. Flavours and combinations of dishes go way beyond the Roman tradition, which still remains one of Baccano’s flagships.

The typically Mediterranean seasonal ingredient is the master, the experience of a chef appreciated by everyone does the rest.

Trust his skillful hands and let yourselves be seduced…


Daniele Vespa leads the Baccano bistrot, supervising the dining room team and the wine selection.
Finely selected champagne and wine references, among which great Italian, French and even American, African and Asian wines can be found. The fil-rouge of the journey allows the clients to get in touch with new tastes, inspirations and geographic locations.